How To Change Period Size In Microsoft Word


To change the format in Microsoft Word, first, pick the content you want to change, then select the new setting. However, there is a faster approach to increase the size of periods in Microsoft Word for an existing document.

The punctuation marks you use in your Microsoft Word document are critical in ensuring that your information is interpreted in the way you intended.

However, if the periods you’ve used appear to be too little on the screen or when you print the text, you might be looking for a technique to make them bigger.

While you may already know that you may go through the document and choose each individual period before changing the font size, this process is slow, repetitive, and a little aggravating.

How To Change Period Size In Microsoft Word

  • To begin, open the document.
  • The Home tab should be selected.
  • Select Replace from the drop-down menu.
  • In the Find what and Replace with fields, type a period, then click More.
  • Select Font from the Format menu.
  • Click OK after selecting font size.
  • To replace everything, click Replace All.

Additional information and photographs of these processes can be found further down in our guide.

So, you’ve just completed a lengthy content paper. Writing takes a lot of time and effort, and there comes a moment when you can’t think of anything further to add to make the text look relevant and understandable. But this is where the issue arises. Even after writing almost everything, there is to know about a subject, you discover that the content limit is insufficient and you need to add a half-page to it. We know exactly what you’d do.

Well, that’s incorrect. Some content pages and web pages have a tight font size limit, which you are only authorized to use. As a result, increasing the text size is no longer an option. So, what do you do now? Don’t worry, we’ve got a solution for you. What if we told you there was a way to make your writings longer without really changing the font size? Are you curious as to what that is? It is, after all, a method that most internet entrepreneurs employ to make their information appear larger on web pages. It is to expand the size of the period that will make the size of the lines become a bit bigger in size. That isn’t even the most exciting aspect.

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How To Increase The Size of Periods In Microsoft Word

The methods outlined in this article were completed in Microsoft Word 2013, but they should work in most other versions of Word as well. This update can only be made on one document at a time. You won’t be able to adjust the default period size in any subsequent papers you generate.
Step 1:Open your document in Microsoft Word first.
Step 2: At the top of the window, select the Home tab.
Step 3: At the far-right end of the ribbon, click the Replace button.
Step 4: Type a period in the Find what field, a period in the Replace with field (make sure your mouse pointer is in the Replace with the field, because the font size we set below will be dependant on which field your cursor is in), then click the More button in the bottom-left corner of the window.
Step 5: Select the Font option from the Format menu at the bottom-left of the window.
Step 6: Choose the font size you want for the replacement period, then click OK.
Step 7: To finish the process of enlarging all of the periods in your document, click the Replace All option.
It’s worth noting that increasing the font size in this way also increases the size of each line of text in the document. Even though periods are likely smaller than letters, Word will configure line spacing as if all of the content in your document uses the font size you choose for the periods.
You may apply the same technique to other punctuation as well. For example, if you wanted to make commas or question marks larger, simply replace the periods in the preceding stages with the punctuation mark.

Changing Period Size 

The first step in adjusting the period size is to open the Microsoft Word document that you have saved.

After you’ve opened it up, go to the edit section of the page and click the ‘Replace’ button. You may also use the shortcut by pressing ‘Ctrl-H’ for extra convenience.

Write the period in the Find section, then go to the Replace With area and type an alternative period for your content.

The next step is to click on the ‘More’ area to access the ‘Format’ drop-down menu, which is located in the ‘Replace’ section. To replace, set the pointer and click in the ‘Replace With’ section, and you’re done.

Well, not really, because there’s always the chance of being caught because your period is much larger than it has to be. To do so, you’ll need to take some precautions.

You only need to increase the period size by one size from the original text. When you write in a specific size option, you’ll be able to tweak various elements as well.

The next step is to click on the area that reads “Replace all,” and you’re done. Relax and enjoy the fact that your content will be expanded in size while no one will be aware of it.

Everyone wants to know how to adjust their period size because it is so useful in so many situations. By putting in a modest amount of effort, you can enjoy the benefits. Thus, are you content with what you’ve learned so far? Follow these instructions the next time you find yourself in a situation like this and are at a loss for words, and you’ll know just how to make periods longer. Because Microsoft Word has a lot of cool features.

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How Do You Change The size Of Periods In Google Docs?

To open the search box inside your Google Docs text, click the Ctrl+F keys on your keyboard. In the search box, type a period. Replace all by pressing the three dots choices in the search box, changing the font size to a larger size, typing a period in the Replace with box, and clicking Replace all.

How Do You Make Your Paper Longer On Microsoft Word?

How to Make Your Writing Look Longer
The first step is to locate and replace the item. After you’ve opened your paper, press “ctrl + F” without selecting anything.
Step 2: Select the Replace Tab from the drop-down menu. On the window, select the Replace tab.
Step 3: Fill in the blanks with text
Step 4: Select “More” from the drop-down menu.
Step 5: Go to the Format Tab.
6th step: Noe Toggle to the Font Tab.
Step 7: Change the number to 12.
Step 8: Select the Second Period from the drop-down menu.

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