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Our website has Hotstar Premium Accounts accessible. On our website, we have over 1000+ accounts listed. You can find them listed below. In addition, we continue to distribute Hotstar accounts through our Telegram channel. You can view premium content like IPL Live and other premium movies that are not available for free on the internet with the use of Hotstar Premium and VIP accounts.

Today, we’re bringing you some of the newest and most popular Hotstar shows. Today, we’ll give away Free Hotstar Premium Accounts. So don’t lose out on this chance to earn a free Hotstar Premium account by reading the entire post.

You can also obtain a Hotstar premium subscription for free. You may use all of the features of a Hotstar paid member account using these accounts. The best aspect is that you do not need to pay any money.

Hotstar is a video streaming service based in India that launched in February 2015. Hotstar is owned by Star India (The Walt Disney Company India). Hotstar has a user base of more than 350 million people.

Hotstar is presently available in Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Maraya Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu, with more languages to come. Hotstar Premium, on the other hand, is available in 17 languages. So you may use Hotstar APK regardless of where you are in India.

You can watch TV shows, cricket, big bosses, web series, movies, and a lot more on Hotstar. And one of the most popular features of Hotstar apk is the ability to watch cricket. So, if you’re a cricket fan, you may watch a live cricket match on Hotstar.

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Hotstar Premium Accounts 2021

Entertainment piques the interest of every human being. However, not everyone can enjoy themselves owing to a lack of funds or a refusal to spend money. It is not a new task to save money. Everyone wants to save money at all times. The name of the application that will entertain you without costing you any money is Hotstar Mod APK.
With the Hotstar VIP MOD APK, you may view any premium video for free and without any commercials. After decrypting the original Hotstar software, the Hotstar MOD Premium APK was developed. Because of the changes, it’s known as the MOD version.
Hotstar premium cracked APK allows you to watch international shows that are only available to premium users. You will be able to see any software that was restricted in the free edition with the help of this Hotstar Premium Hack APK.

How To Get A Premium Account From Hotstar?

In this post, we’ll go over two strategies that are certain to work and will assist you in obtaining free Hotstar Premium accounts. In addition, we include various work accounts in this article.

Subscription To Disney + Hotstar Premium in Airtel / Vodafone

Use it if you have Airtel or Vodafone. It’s something you can take advantage of. With the Android Airtel app, you can obtain Hotstar Premium. You want to know how to follow this straightforward step-by-step procedure.

  • To begin, you must first purchase an unlimited Airtel plan. At least 199 Indian rupees.
  • To get the Airtel TV app, go to the Play Store or click here.
  • Create an account and then launch the app.
  • To watch premium videos in the Airtel app, press the middle button.
  • Look for a paid channel.
  • When you select a paid channel, you will be taken to that channel’s website. The Hoststar application will be redirected to you.
  • That’s it. You may now watch live games and pay-per-view shows for free.
  • JioTV offers a premium subscription to Hotstar.
  • The procedure is identical to that of Airtel TV.

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Free Hotstar Premium Account

On Hotstar VIP, users can view any video without seeing any commercials. The best feature of the premium account is this. You can use some of Hotstar’s other important features that aren’t available with a free account.
As I previously stated, Hotstar is India’s leading video premium streaming platform. Is the annual subscription worth it, and how “premium” is the entertainment and experience?
Hotstar is offering a 25 INR monthly plan and a 199 INR yearly plan. So, in this article, I’ll explain whether Hotstar Premium is worth paying for and how it differs from a free Hotstar account.
Hotstar Premium offers more than 100,000 hours of drama and movies in 17 languages. Hotstar Premium, on the other hand, uploads user-requested content and has grown to become India’s largest video-on-demand streaming service.

Hotstar Premium Plans

Hotstar Premium offers a free 7-day trial bundle that includes the ability to request any film. You may watch TV shows, movies, and news in HD quality with that trial pack. If you like that account, you can upgrade to a membership for 199 INR, or you can cancel it before the 7-day period is out. Below you can find a list of free Hotstar premium accounts.
For 299 INR, you can watch the greatest of live sport, including tennis Grand Slams, football, Formula 1 racing, hockey, badminton, table tennis, and kabaddi.

Hotstar Premium Account Content

With a Hotstar Premium Account, you may watch American TV shows, Hollywood films, live sports, new episodes of Indian TV shows, Indian film premieres, and Hotstar Specials without being interrupted by advertisements.

On Hotstar Premium, you can also watch stand-up comedies, animation movies, and dramas. Hotstar’s 350+ million users have access to high-quality material. A complete list of Hotstar Premium material may be found here. in order for you to learn more about it.

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Shows On American Television:

If you enjoy watching popular American television shows, Hotstar Premium is for you. I’ve compiled a list of popular American television shows available on Hotstar Premium.

The following is a list of popular American television shows available on Hotstar Pro.

  1. 24 years (2001–2014)
  2. (2014 – Present) The Affair
  3. (2016–present) American Crime Story
  4. The Americans (2013–2018) American Horror Story (2011–present)
  5. Band of Brothers (2003–present) Arrested Development (2001)
  6. Barry (from 2018 to the present)
  7. Better Things is a project that began in 2016 and continues to this day.
  8. Big Little Lies is a television series that aired from 2017 till the present.
  9. From 2016 till the present, billions have been spent.
  10. Boardwalk Empire was a television series that aired from 2010 to 2014.
  11. Chernobyl is a nuclear power plant that was decommissioned in 1986 (2019)
  12. Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000–Present) is a television series that aired from 2000 to the present day.
  13. The Deuce (2017–2019) is a television series that aired from 2017 to 2019.
  14. Doctor Who (2005–present) is a British science-fiction television series that first aired in 2005.
  15. Dannemora is a great place to hide (2018)
  16. (2019 – Present) Euphoria
  17. Bette and Joan had a feud (2017)
  18. The Flight of the Conchords (2007–2009) was a sitcom that aired on Fox from 2007 to 2009.
  19. Prófugos [Fugitives] (2011–2014)
  20. Game of Thrones (2011–2019) is a fantasy television series set in the United Kingdom.
  21. Generation Kill is a term used to describe a (2008)
  22. Girls (2012–2017) Gentleman Jack (2019–present)

Get Free Hotstar Premium Account with Flipkart 50 Points

Yes, you can use your Flipkart Points to get a one-year free Hotstar subscription.

  • Install the Flipkart App on your smartphone and open it.
  • Simply spend more than $299 on Flipkart and receive 1 Flipkart Point.
  • Once you’ve earned 50 points on Flipkart, you’re good to go.
  • You can use those points to get a free year of Hotstar membership.
  • You can also obtain a free six-month VIU membership and a Gaana membership.

Premium Account Free With Tata Sky

If you have a tata sky DTH subscription, you can watch Hotstar premium episodes for free. All premium content, including movies, series, and other entertainment, is available for free to Tata Sky subscribers. You will not be required to make any further payments; all you need to do is download the Tata Sky mobile app.

  • First and foremost, make sure your DTH is charged.
  • Now, go to your device’s app store and download the Tata Sky app.
  • Using your customer id, login to the Tata Sky app.
  • After that, download and install the Hotstar app on your device.
  • Now, open the Tata Sky app and look for any Hotstar Premium Shows or Movies.
  • After that, click on the shows/movies you want to view and you’ll be taken to the HotStar App to do so.
  • Take advantage of your free Hotstar Premium Account.

Hotstar Premium Free Trial For 1 Month

It is also a wonderful alternative to watch Hotstar for free for 30 days if you wish to use Hotstar’s free trial. You must enter your credit card as a payment option to activate a free trial.
Keep in mind that a free trial of Hotstar Premium cannot be obtained using a debit card. The ability to activate a free trial with a debit card has been withdrawn from Hotstar. For the 30-day free trial, you can only use a credit card. You can use the free trial for 30 days after activating it, after which you can save money by canceling the membership.

  • To begin, click on the Hotstar Premium Plans link.
  • Now you may browse and choose your plan.
  • Sign up for a Hotstar account or log in if you already have one.
  • Fill in your payment information on the next page (use only credit card).
  • Hurray! You’re done, and you’ll have access to Hotstar Premium for the next 30 days.

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